8-12 juin, 2014


Informations importantes pour les affiches

Les dimensions MAXIMUMALES sont de 100cm de large par 120cm de haut.

Tout sera fourni sur place pour mettre en place vos affiches.

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Titre du poster

Pauline BARMBY Western University Imagecube: an astronomical Python package for organizing and processing multi-wavelength astronomical data
Frédérique BARON Université de Montréal Search and Caracterization of Wide Binary Systems With a Very Low-mass Component
Sylvie F BEAULIEU University of Waterloo Herschel Post Operation Phase: Archive and Data Processing
Ermanno BORRA Universite Laval Finding gravitational lenses, as well as very rapid intensity time variations, from the autocorrelation of intensity fluctuations.
Volker BROMM University of Texas at Austin The First Stars and Galaxies: The Run-up to the JWST
Ronald BUTA University of Alabama Comprehensive Galaxy Morphology and Classification from the Near to the Far Universe
Laura S. CHAJET York University AGNs: Line Width Distribution of MHD Disc Winds
Pierre CHASTENAY Université du Québec à Montréal Misconceptions in Astronomy
Stéphanie CÔTÉ NRC-Herzberg Canadian Gemini Updates
Simon COUDÉ Université de Montréal The Effect of Molecular Contamination on the Spectral Index of Emissivity in Orion A
Dennis CRABTREE NRC Herzberg The Productivity and Impact of Telescopes
Bryce CROLL MIT Ground-based Near-infrared Thermal Emission of hot Jupiters
Patrick DUFOUR Université de Montréal Autopsies of exo-Asteroids with KECK/HIRES
Cynthia GENEST-BEAULIEU Université de Montréal Testing the photometric calibration of SDSS using white dwarf stars
Hoori GHASHOONI ROKHAMI Western University Determining Fundamental parameters of T Tauri Stars
Patrick HALL York University AGN Reverberation Mapping with the BOSS Spectrograph and CFHT+MegaCam
Eduardo HARDY NRAO-AUI Chile The CCAT Sub-millimeter Telescope Project in the Chilean Andes
William HARRIS McMaster University The Night Sky Inside a Globular Cluster
Gretchen HARRIS University of Waterloo Dark Matter Haloes and Globular Cluster Populations: What's the Connection?
Clare HIGGS University of Victoria Nearby Isolated Dwarfs as Probes of Galaxy Evolution
Christian ILIADIS University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments with High-Intensity Ion and Photon Beams
Gilles JONCAS Université Laval Every thing you wanted to know about the formation of molecular clouds but were afraid to ask
Scott JONES Western University Measuring Polarization in OMC2 with the Four-Stokes-Parameter Spectral Line Polarimeter
Gandhali JOSHI McMaster University Substructure and Gas Clumping in the Outskirts of Abell 133
Issouf KAFANDO Université Laval Search for Vertical Stratification of Iron in Field Blue Horizontal Branch Stars
Lisa KEWLEY Australian National University Galaxy Evolution in 3D
François-René LACHAPELLE Université de Montréal Characterization of Low-mass, Wide-separation Substellar Companions to Stars in Upper Scorpius: Near-infrared Photometry and Spectroscopy
Sébastien LAVOIE University of Victoria Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, passive galaxies and new perspectives on cluster galaxy evolution
Kelly LEPO University of Toronto Modeling the binary V Sge with Icarus
Colin LEWIS Queen's University Exploring the limits of DiskFit Photometry
Catherine LOVEKIN Mount Allison University Behaviour of pulsations in hydrodynamic models of massive stars
Aisha MAHMOUD-PEREZ McMaster Photometric Study of the M49 Globular Cluster System
Nadine MANSET CFHT PolarBase: a database of high resolution ESPaDOnS and NARVAL spectropolarimetric observations
Meghan MIHOLICS McMaster University The Size of Star Clusters During Galaxy Mergers
Ismaël MOUMEN Université Laval HII Regions of Barred Spiral Galaxies with SpIOMM
David NAYLOR University of Lethbridge SPICA/SAFARI: an update
Marie-Pier NEAULT McMaster University The centres of galaxy group dark matter haloes
Lorne NELSON Bishop's University On the Formation of the Hot, Bloated White Dwarfs Discovered using Kepler
Javiera PARADA University of British Columbia Formation of Blue Stragglers in a Globular Star Cluster
Simon RICHARD Université Laval Counter-rotating stellar populations in major mergers remnants
Jesse ROGERSON York University Monitoring Broad Absorption Line Emergence and Variability
Benoit ROLLAND Université de Montréal Model atmosphere analysis of the magnetic field in cool, hydrogen-line white dwarfs
Adam ROYLE McMaster University Properties of Galaxies in X-ray Bright and Faint Groups
Paul SCHOLZ McGill University The puzzle of low magnetic field magnetars
James SIKORA Queen's University HD 35502: A Magnetic B Star Within a Triple System
Alison SILLS McMaster University The Early Evolution of Stellar Subclusters
Locke SPENCER University of Lethbridge Spatial/Spectral Interferometry Technology Development in the Far-Infrared With a Laboratory-based Testbed Instrument
Bailey TETARENKO University of Alberta The Modern Black Hole X-Ray Binary Database: A Comprehensive All-Sky Observational Study
Robert THACKER Saint Mary's University AGN feedback models: Correlations with star formation and observational implications of time evolution
Benoit TREMBLAY Université de Montréal MEF-R: Computing Photospheric Velocity Fields and Eddy Magnetic Diffusivities Using Vector Magnetograms and Dopplergrams
Kim VENN University of Victoria Archaeology of the Stars
Rory WOODS McMaster University Modelling Radiation on Cosmological Scales IV: A New Hope (Method)
Boukari YAMEOGO University of Moncton Vertical abundance stratification of elements in the post-HB star HD 76431