8-12 juin, 2014


Environmental Effects on Interacting Galaxy Pairs in the SDSS

Farid Qamar (Trent University)

David Patton (Trent University)

Many studies have focused on the effects of the environment on galaxy interactions. The majority of those studies define galaxy pairs as those with projected separation $r_p < 80 kpc$ and relative velocities $\Delta v < 500 km s^{-1}$. Patton et al. (2013) showed that SFR enhancement in SDSS DR7 interacting pairs can be seen for interactions with separations up to ~150 kpc. Motivated by this finding, and the varying distributions of properties between the galaxies in different environments, rather than rigid $r_p$ and $\Delta v$ cuts we redefine what constitutes an interacting galaxy pair using binding energies. Combined with an appropriate control matching method to eliminate sources of bias, and an environmental classification based on dark matter halo masses obtained from the Yang et al. (2007) catalogue, we disentangle the small-scale effects of the interactions from the large-scale effects of the environments on the interacting galaxiesí properties.
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