8-12 juin, 2014


High-temperature Processing of Solids through Solar Nebular Bow Shocks

Aaron Boley (The University of British Columbia)

Morris, M. A. (ASU); Desch, S. J (ASU)

A fundamental, unsolved problem in solar system formation is explaining the melting and crystallization of chondrules found in chondritic meteorites. Theoretical models of chondrule melting in nebular shocks have been shown to be consistent with many aspects of thermal histories inferred for chondrules from laboratory experiments; but, the mechanism driving these shocks is unknown. Planetesimals and planetary embryos on eccentric orbits can produce bow shocks as they move supersonically through the disc gas, and are one possible source of chondrule-melting shocks. We investigate chondrule formation in bow shocks around planetoids through three-dimensional radiation hydrodynamics simulations, and use these calculations to derive a series of predicted cooling curves that merit investigation in laboratory experiments.
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