8-12 juin, 2014


Herschel and JCMT Observations of Dust Emission from the NGC 1333 Star-Forming Region.

Mike Chen (University of Victoria)

James Di Francesco (NRC-Herzberg), Doug Johnstone (NRC-Herzberg), Sarah Sadavoy (MPIA), Jennifer Hatchell (Exeter), Joseph Mottram (Leiden), Helen Kirk (NRC-Herzberg), and “the Gould Belt Survey team”

Recent Herschel and JCMT surveys of nearby star-forming regions have provided excellent images of cold dust emission across several wavelengths with unprecedented sensitivities and resolutions. Here we present beta and temperature maps of dust in the NGC1333 region in the Perseus molecular cloud determined from fitting SEDs to the combined Herschel and JCMT observations, employing a method developed by Sadavoy et al. (2013). Since NGC1333 is a fairly complex and active star-forming region, we investigated the robustness of this method as well as our ability to remove accurately CO line contamination using JCMT Gould Belt Survey data. Line contamination can be a severe problem common to active regions like NGC1333, but we found its influence on our derived temperature and beta to be limited. Our preliminary ranges of temperature and beta are 7 - 30K and 1 - 3.5 respectively. We saw indications of heating from young stars and embedded protostars in our temperature maps, consistent with what was previously found in the region. We also found decreases in beta that suggest dust growth in the region.

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