8-12 juin, 2014


The Thirty-Meter Telescope: Science and Instrumentation for a Next Generation Observatory

Luc Simard (NRC Herzberg)

The Thirty-Meter Telescope international observatory will enable transformational observations over the full cosmic timeline all the way from the first luminous objects in the Universe to the planets and moons of our own solar system. To realize its full scientific potential, TMT will be equipped with a powerful suite of adaptive optics systems and science instruments. Three science instruments will be available at first light: an optical multi-object spectrometer, a near-infrared multi-slit spectrometer and a diffraction-limited near-infrared imager and integral field spectrometer. In addition to these three instruments, a diverse set of new instruments under study will bring additional workhorse capabilities to serve the science interests of a broad user community. The development of TMT instruments represents a large, long-term program that offers a wide range of opportunities to all TMT partners.
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