8-12 juin, 2014


Stellar feedback in semi-analytical models of galaxy evolution

Benoit Côté (Université Laval)

Hugo Martel & Laurent Drissen (Université Laval)

Stellar feedback is an essential part of any numerical models that aim to reproduce the evolution of galaxies. Without feedback, models produce too many stars compared to observations. Semi-analytical models usually use galactic outflows as feedback to limit the amount of gas available to form stars. However, the strength of this feedback is generally set by a parameter that is constant throughout the calculations. Within the classical semi-analytical framework, we introduced the physics of interstellar bubbles in order to treat galactic outflows in a more realistic way. We follow in time the size of bubbles and the amount of thermal energy gained from stars and lost by radiative cooling. With this model, the efficiency of stellar feedback changes over time and depends on the physical conditions of galaxies.
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