8-12 juin, 2014


Au Revoir, JCMT

Gary Davis (Joint Astronomy Centre)

Canada joined the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in 1989 as a 25% partner. For the ensuing quarter century, the Canadian community has had access to the world's most advanced and productive submillimetre observatory, triggering a massive growth in submillimetre astronomy across the country and providing a springboard for subsequent participation in ALMA, Herschel and BLAST. Regrettably, this is coming to an end as Canada's investment in offshore telescopes evolves. In recognition of NRC's planned withdrawal from the JCMT partnership on 30th September 2014, I will provide a historical summary of Canada's contributions to the JCMT, the impact of the JCMT on Canadian astronomy, and a look at the future prospects (possibly including a continuing Canadian role) for this remarkable observatory.

Mode de présentation: 2014-06-09 11:45 (doit être confirmé par le SOC)