8-12 juin, 2014


Gemini Observatory - 2014+

Markus Kissler-Patig (Gemini Observatory)

Gemini Observatory offered in 2014 a number of novelties, both in operations as well as in instrumentation. In Operations, Large and Long Programs have been introduced together with a new observing mode: the priority visiting observing - classical observing with weather mitigation. Furthermore, students accompanying senior people can now have their travel subsidized ("bring one, get one free"). And the fast turnaround proposals are coming up... In Instrumentation, the Gemini Planet Imager is now being offered at Gemini South, next to GMOS-S (with new CCDs!), GSAOI and FLAMINGOS-2 (back to good image quality). DSSI and TEXES continue to be demanded visiting instruments at Gemini North; and more visiting instruments are welcome. Looking into the future: a call for feasibility studies for the next facility instrument will be out and we hope for input from the Canadian community. The talk will review these topics and more to provide a full update on the Gemini Observatory.
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