8-12 juin, 2014


SPIRou: an overview of the science capabilities

Etienne Artigau (Université de Montréal)

René Doyon, Jean-Francois Donati, Xavier Delfosse

SPIRou is a near-infrared, high-resolution spectrograph that is set to see first light at CFHT in 2017. The two prime scientific motivations of SPIRou are the detection of Earth-sized planets around Ms and the study of magnetic fields in young stellar objects. As a powerful general-purpose spectrograph, SPIRou will also enable a variety of scientific endeavours beyond the main science goals. I will present an overview of the scientific capabilities of SPIRou in a variety of fields such as the study of the atmosphere of transiting exoplanets, the study of winds in solar system planets or the Doppler imaging of Brown Dwarfs. The stability and spectral resolution of SPIRou will also provide access to little studied spectral domains between the YJHK bandpasses. Of particular interest is the 1.75-2.0 µm, between H and K, that contains little-studied hydrogen series lines (Paschen alpha, Brackett delta, Brackett epsilon) that will be accessible thanks to the dryness of the atmosphere at Mauna Kea.
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