8-12 juin, 2014


Spatial/Spectral Interferometry Technology Development in the Far-Infrared With a Laboratory-based Testbed Instrument

Locke Spencer (University of Lethbridge)

Peter A. R. Ade, Cardiff University, David A. Naylor, University of Lethbridge, Giorgio Savini, University College London

The development of a laboratory-based spatial/spectral interferometry testbed instrument operating in the Far-Infrared (FIR) is discussed in the context of the Far-Infrared Space Interferometer Critical Assessment (FISICA) consortium. Far-infrared spatial/spectral interferometry techniques will provide the combined spatial and spectral resolution required by the next generation of astronomical FIR instruments. This spatial/spectral double Fourier interferometer isunder development within the Astronomical Instrumentation Group (AIG) laboratories at the University of Lethbridge, Canada (UL). The development of spatial/spectral interferometry observation, data processing, characterization, and analysis techniques in the FIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum are aspects of this research program, all of which are needed as precursors to an eventual space-based FIR interferometry mission. This research program is supported by recent CRC, CFI, and NSERC grants.

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