8-12 juin, 2014


Formation of Blue Stragglers in a Globular Star Cluster

Javiera Parada (University of British Columbia)

Ryan Goldsbury (UBC), Jeremy Heyl (UBC), Jason Kalirai (STScI), Harvey Richer (UBC)

Blue stragglers (BS) are stars whose position in the Color-Magnitude Diagram (CMD) places them above the main sequence turn off point in a given cluster. Two possible formation mechanisms have been proposed: mergers from direct stellar collisions or mass transfer between binary companions. We are currently analyzing data from the core of 47 Tucanae obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope. A CMD was constructed and the various stellar populations were identified. We are now comparing each population's radial distribution to determine whether the BS from 47 Tuc have a merger or mass transfer origin.

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