8-12 juin, 2014


Search for Vertical Stratification of Iron in Field Blue Horizontal Branch Stars

Issouf kafando (Université Laval)

Carmelle Robert (Université Laval), Francis LeBlanc (Université de Moncton)

Several studies have shown that the blue horizontal branch stars (BHB) with Teff ≥ 11500 K in globular clusters have abundances anomalies produced by atomic diffusion. This diffusion leads to the vertical stratification of some chemical elements in the stellar atmosphere. The stratification of the element modifies the physical structure of the stellar atmosphere of BHB stars. The aim of my work is to extend the stratification study to the BHB stars in the field, where the star properties (e.g. the metallicity) may be different from those in globular clusters. In this poster, the results obtained for the iron element are shown.

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