8-12 juin, 2014


White dwarf asteroseismology: probing deep into the interior of pulsating white dwarf stars

Noemi Giammichele (Université de Montréal)

Fontaine, G., Brassard, P., Charpinet, S., Greiss, S.

We present the results of the self-consistent seismic analysis of three white dwarf stars located close to the blue edge of the ZZCeti instability strip. We investigate the case of R548, GD165 and KIC11911480, low-amplitude and well behaved ZZ Ceti showing rotationally split multiplet structures. We precisely establish the fundamental parameters of the stars using the forward method based on physically sound models. We unravel the internal structure as well as the rotation profile deeper than in any other ZZCeti stars studied so far. This opens up interesting prospects for putting white dwarf evolutionary theories to the test and calibrating white dwarf cosmochronology.
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