8-12 juin, 2014


Modeling the binary V Sge with Icarus

Kelly Lepo (University of Toronto)

Nicholas Fantin (University of Toronto)

V Sge is a peculiar double-lined binary that shows clear eclipses in its light curve, with a period of 0.541 days. There is no consensus on the exact nature of the system, and several models have been proposed to explain its light curve. One model suggests that V Sge may be a white dwarf accreting at a high rate from a main sequence companion, which would make it an excellent type Ia supernova progenitor system.

To test this hypothesis, we model the light curve of V Sge with a modified version of the Icarus stellar binary light curve synthesis tool. This allows us to constrain properties of the system, such as white dwarf mass, and determine if the main sequence star would be observable.

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