8-12 juin, 2014


Simulating Two-Phase Structure in the Interstellar Medium

Samantha Benincasa (McMaster University)

James Wadsley (McMaster University), Hugh Couchman (McMaster University), Ben Keller (McMaster University)

Many simulations have been performed to study the nature of the Interstellar Medium (ISM) and the formation of Giant Molecular Clouds (GMCs). To date most of these simulations fail to produce one important component of the ISM, the elusive two-phase medium. Wolfire et al. 2004 propose that gas in the ISM coexists in two phases, a warm and cold neutral medium. It is thought that this two-phase structure is an integral component of the ISM, and that it is necessary to regulate processes such as star formation. However, these claims have not been explored on the full galactic scale. Small-scale simulations do not take into account the full galactic environment and neglect the effects of galactic shear. We present the results of a suite of high-resolution galactic-scale simulations, studying the formation and regulation of a two-phase ISM in an isolated Milky Way type galaxy. Our results hold important implications for the formation of GMCs and the local Kennicutt-Schmidt law.
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